Horseshoe Bend - D200 and S5 Pro image compared

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Horseshoe Bend - D200 and S5 Pro image compared

I spend some time around Utah back in May, and shot a number of landscapes with the D200 and S5 Pro.

I've just been preparing some prints, and I found an almost apples to apples shot.

While I am personally very comfortable with the S5 Pro resolution wise (if I have an issue with the S5 Pro its with the colours, not resolution!), I thought it might be interesting to compare more formally.

Anyhow, this is how Lightroom sees both files, at defaults:

This image actually illustrates my S5 Pro colour issues rather well - the D200 is (to my eyes) much nicer out-of-the-box with a warmer rendition. As it turns out, the coolness of the S5 Pro is caused by my second minor S5 Pro bugbear - AutoWB performance in outdoor condtions.

The D200 chose 5300K, the S5Pro 4700K, hence the "cooler" image.

After adjusting the S5 Pro WB to match the D200's AutoWB choice, the S5 Pro image warmed up nicely. Much nicer now I think...

Lets have a quick look zoomed in:

Pretty close really, the D200 is a tad sharper, but theres nothing there worth fussing about. Both could be improved with some sharpening (LR is at its default)

After viewing Roman Johnson's resolution comparision between the D2X and Hasselblad...

I'm even more relaxed about the S5 Pro's resolution and detail than ever before - its fairly clear that APS-C and FF are not the way to shoot landscapes if one really cares about big prints and super fine detail.

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