Need advice on which Mac to buy...

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Need advice on which Mac to buy...


Yes I am one of those guys who have been waiting for months for the new iMacs only to be left totally confused with this new glossy display "issue"...

First of let me say I am in the market for a 24" machine so the TN issue or whatever wouldn't affect me.

So here is my situation:

I currently use a 3-4 year old Dell machine (P4 3GHz) with Lightroom/CS3 for my photographic needs. I find Lightroom to be painfully slow so I decided to upgrade and switch over to Mac at the same time (I already have a first generation Intel MBP at work so I am pretty familiar with the whole thing) . I am not a Pro, I am a Telecoms Engineer who just happens to enjoy photography a lot...

I do calibrate my screen (I have the Spyder 2) and print on a basic Epson R300. I am not overly fussy about print matching screen 100%, if it's close enough I'm a happy camper.

Now that you know where I come from, which one of these do you think would be better for me:

1. Get the new 24" iMac

2. Get a refurb 24" white iMac (here in Canada, if I factor in my corporate discount I only save about $200 over the new model)

3. Get a Mac mini with a silver Samsung 244T display (it's cheaper and bigger than the 23" ACD and apparently just as good, plus it tilts in portrait mode)

I am a bit concerned about the performance of the Mini option but I guess compared to my current rig it would still be an upgrade... right?

Also, worse case I could always install a second monitor on the new iMac. Considering I use Lightroom, how does that work (or not work) exactly

Oh and please... I don't want a Mac Pro...

Thanks for you advice!

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