Online Tools to Calibrate Gamma + Grayscale

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Re: Online Tools to Calibrate Gamma + Grayscale

Just an update...

I purchased a Spyder2 PRO this past week.

It has been an interesting experience running through about a dozen calibration attempts to see what the various options produce. Quite amusing that there are subtle visual differences between profiles that should be the same.

I'm now calibrated to 5800K, 2.2 gamma, 125 cd/m^2. I went with 5800K and 125 cd/m^2 as per the recommendation of the Spyder's software using its' ambient light sensor function. I had a tough time initially getting calibrated to 120/125 until I followed a tip off the Spyder user group on Yahoo (use the ambient light function!!). I also have a couple of profiles for 6500K, 2.2 gamma, and 120 cd/m^2 but I find the whites appear to have a faint blue caste which is likely a function of the room lighting (not dark but dim using a energy saver compact fluorescent bounced off the wall and ceiling behind the monitor)

That tip was to consider the brightness function as a backlight control and select that option in the configuration setup. Once that was done all the correct screens became available and it was just very very easy to calibrate. Tried to get to 6000K but twice received an error message re an algorithm calculation.

As compared to the factory default screen.... no comparison. Factory default is too bright and we all know that.

As compared to my "by eye" calibration using the websites I posted here and some EyeOne calibrated RGB and Contrast/Brightness values I found from another owner of the same monitor... I did pretty good eyeballing it but there have been obvious improvements in contrast and subtle saturation of colours.

I now need to print some shots to see if I get reasonable print matching.

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