SonyBoy, Ralmez and Marti. you win.

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SonyBoy, Ralmez and Marti. you win.

I've been gone from here for a month and it was, to be quite honest, a pleasure.

One day back, post some pictures and Marti, Sonyboy and Ralmez (my stalker for more than a year) once again attack me.

It's simple everyone: they want me gone. For whatever personal reasons they have, for whatever their agenda is.

Well, OK Folks. They win. I'm gone.

I'm too old to waste my life in vitriol, anger, name-calling and hatred.
So they can have it all.
Let them help you learn your cameras.
Let them post their "brilliant" photographs

My life is to precious to pollute it with this ugliness.
I thought things had changed.

I was wrong.
Same people, same mean-spirited ugly cr@p.

And, just to be clear, I do love the H9 and the pictures I'm getting from it, despite these so-called "experts" who seem to have a neurotic obsession with that camera.

Good-by all.

I'll leave the White Paper up for a while. Download it now, if you wish.

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