Godzilla vs. Bambi....39MP Hassy and D2X...(examples)

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Godzilla vs. Bambi....39MP Hassy and D2X...(examples)

I had to oppertunity to play with a Hassy with the 39MP back.....are you SURE you want to cry?....if your have that bit of Sadist in you.....here we go...

Somtimes I wonder why I do things like this to myself....so in the spirit of Misery Loves Company...and just for the morbid sick fun in it all.....

The shot:

The D2X 100% crop:

The same 100% crop from the Hassy:

This wasnt super scientific....I didnt create little control groups....yeah I am sure there were things I could have done diffrently....yada yada yada...point still is undeniable.

The tissues are over to your left....

Anyone want to contribute to the Roman Johnston 39MP back fund?!?


The Law Of Attraction is ALWAYS working. Your only choice is whether you drive 'it'...or 'it' drives you.

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