iMac memory upgrade

Started Aug 13, 2007 | Discussions thread
redsox Senior Member • Posts: 2,981
longer memory stick??

Diggie wrote:

Though I am a bit worried about the RAM as someone in another thread
mentioned that the brand new iMacs using a ram stick that is slightly
longer and the ram used in the white iMacs won't work...but every
site i've seen sells the same ram for both. Has anyone got extra ram
and installed it already in their iMac?

Yea, I was in on that thread

I chatted with Crucial sales rep today and asked directly about the 'size' issue, and he said, to quote, "That is false."

The reputable resellers guarantee the compatibility of their products and will replace the RAM if it doesn't work properly, but it's also true they have an interest in saying that the products on their website will work in your config.

So I don't yet know the real story.


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