1Ds II as a product has been removed in Canon China yesterday

Started Aug 13, 2007 | Discussions thread
tony field Forum Pro • Posts: 11,592
probably is a good new model indicator

RedFox88 wrote:

All I can stay is stop looking for signs on Canon websites about new
models. Just go to the bathroom instead of always being ready to
make a mess in your pants.

Maybe you should go?

Most professional stores (well, at least here in Calgary) have sent their estimated ordering and advertising intent for the post-Sept-1 season. They have been discouraged from ordering large numbers of 1Ds-II, 5D, and 30D cameras - or from basing their advertising on these machines.

The apparent attempt by Canon is to introduce the replacements for the 30D, then the 5D (before christmas, for christmas sales) and then the 1Ds-II replacement.

IMHO, this supports the China syndrome.

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