Resolution/Contrast of the DA* lenses - a comparison

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Resolution/Contrast of the DA* lenses - a comparison

I did a resolution test of the DA* zoom lenses and compared them to various other lenses.

Here are my conclusions:

Overall the DA* 50-135 appears to be better. But this is probably simply due to the fact that it is easier to construct a 50-135 mm lens than a 16-50/2.8.

Center sharpness is basically about the same for all lenses. We are reaching the sensor limit here probably.

The DA* 16-50 shows a bluish CA color fringe, whereas all other lenses show a more brown-reddish fringe.
The DA* 50-135 shows basically no CAs. Very good!

Quantifying the resolution values roughly, one can say that the DA* 16-50 is about 15% weaker than the Tokina 28-70, due to the worse corner sharpness.

On the other hand, the DA* 50-135 is about 10% better than the Tokina, also contrast is better.

Compared to the fixed focals the DA* 16-50 falls off about 20%, the DA* 50-135 about 5%.

Here are the facts:

I have compared the two DA* zooms with the following lenses:

  • Tokina 2.6-2.8/28-70 (one of the best zooms ever)

  • DA 21

  • FA 35

  • DA 70

  • DFA 100

  • K 135/2.5


USAF testsheets, ca. 3-5 m distance, focus array with 10 images, MLU, tripod, all lenses measured fully open.

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