ZERO NOISE Photography technique II

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IMPORTANT: Beta Download & Install

Hi all, seeing all complaints about my "obscure reasons" or so not to clearly offer the download beta version I have to say it is because that beta version was never planned to exist; I wanted a usable v1.0 version but after showing some results in the forums I was asked to post a beta release and I did it in a few minutes in this tricky way.

I hope this post suffices to all those complaining (BTW it's the 3rd time I post it here, although I understand is diifficult to find as even I had problems to find my previous posts. So I put it now here with the title in capital letter to try make it definitive until the real v1.0 version is available).

The beta version is a very basic program quite tricky to install and use, and caused a lot of problems to make it run in other forums, few people managed. But I will try:

1. Download this install .exe file:
And install it wherever you want.

2. Download the following 16-bit graphic library (DLL):

and save it in C:\WINNT\system32 or whatever folder your system stores all DLL files.

3. Download dcraw.exe from and save it in C:\WINDOWS\ (if that directory doesn't exist on your PC create it)

4. Create the folder C:\ceroruido\ and dowload the 2 RAW sample files:

saving them in that folder (C:\ceroruido)

Now you can run the program, this simple screen will appear:

If your camera RAW files are not Canon .cr2 RAW files, just type the extension of them ("nef" or whatever, without the dot) into the supplied text box. The files will necessarily to be called then "sub.nef" (the correctly exposed) and "sobre.nef" (the overexposed).

Press the button and it will start to develop the files in a MS-DOS screen and at the same time an "OK" prompt will appear. Press OK only once the activity on the MS-DOS window is finished (you will see DCRAW's messages for developing the 2 RAW files called sub.cr2 and sobre.cr2).

Next the program will perfom the blending algorithm steps and will save the result in c:\ceroruiodo\resultado.tif

2 important notes:


The resulting, as all produced in 16 bit by DCRAW is LINEAR, so if you open it straight into PS it will look far too dark. To open it on PS you must set Gamma=1 in the Edit-> Color adjustments-> RGB, there select "RGB custom" open the combo and select "RGB custom...", and enter in the Gamma box the value of 1.0 where previously was surely 2.2.

Now if you open "resultado.tif" telling PS NOT to do any colour management you will see the resulting image.


PS was not designed to work with linear files properly, or at least this is my conclusion at seeing the banding it displays on linear files. Don't panic, that posterization is just display, your image is perfect. To get rid of it you just have to convert the image (non colour managed) into the destination colour profile: Edit-> Convert in profile and choose sRGB, AdobeRGB or whatever. Banding will disappear and the image will be ready to be edited with curves or whatever.


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