Problems with Smart Auto Flash - Metz MZ40-x and K10D

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Solution: Problems with Smart Auto Flash - Metz MZ40-x and K10D

Hi all!

philzucker wrote:

I've previously used my Metz 40 MZ-flashes only in manual mode on my
K10D. Yesterday I decided to try out "Smart Auto Flash" - as
described by Jens on his page here:

Then I directed the flash towards the ceiling for some bounce flash -
and unexpectedly got severely overexposed images. With about two EVs
exposure compensation dialed in exposure was okay again - as long as
the flash was bounced ...

Anybody else can confirm or explain this behaviour? Maybe the 3702 M
is too intelligent, transmitting too much data for "Smart Auto Flash"
to work flawlessly? My options would then to wait for the 3702 M2 -
or to downgrade to a 3701?

I ran into the same problem with my K100D, 40 MZ-3i and SCA 3702 M2.
Yesterday I found a solution to this problem. Try this after tilting the main
reflector of the flash:

1) press "Prog." key at the flash
2) press "+" four times, so that "Prog. 4" shows up in the upper right corner
of the display
3) press "P" to recall this user program 4

After going through this procedure I get accurate exposures with the bounced
flash. You have to go through this procedure when you switch on the second


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