Compiled list of GX100/GRD FW wishes

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Compiled list of GX100/GRD FW wishes

Hi folks,

I've compiled this small list of GX100/GRD FW wishes with comments. If you have something else, don't hesitate to make a comment.

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GX100/GRD: Flash exposure compensation - A must have for camera of this class and price! None automatic solution is good enough.

GX100/GRD: +-1 and +-2 EV bracketing - Good for HDR photos and while the camera is capable to go +-2 EV exposure, why not in bracketing?

GX100: Constant aperture (4.4 and above) - Really, it would great to be able to keep the F number constant while zooming. Of course, it's not possible for values between F2.5-F4.4, but it's perfectly doable for F4.4 and above.

GX100/GRD: An option to shot DNG only without corresponding JPEG - It should make the GX100 RAW writing 1-2sec faster (with currently the fastest card Sandisk Extreme III or Panasonic SDHC class 6) or even fasster in case of GRD. No JPEG processing = less time required for writing RAW..simple math;) There should definitely be a difference between storing just single 14MB file and storing 14MB + processing and storing additional 3,5MB JPEG? Many shooters (especially GRD users) would gladly pay the price of lost RAW preview (which is not RAW preview at all) if it would mean faster RAW writing. Not to mention that there already is a small thumbnail stored in each RAW. Sure, it's small, but why not use it for rough preview?

GX100/GRD: 1:1 RAW format - There already is an option for 3:2 RAW so why not 1:1? Possible slowdown because of RAW processing?? 3:2 saves slower than the original 4:3 RAW so maybe the 1:1 would require even longer time?

GX100/GRD: BW jpeg customization (GX100: contrast/sharpness + GX100/GRD: B&W color filters) - Definitely! Great for all "pure" B&W shooters.

GX100/GRD: Focus Lock - Not just by half pressed shutter button, but the same (similar) way as AF Lock. Even Canon Ixus compacts have this feature and it's very useful! No need to press an hold the shutter button all the time!

GX100/GRD: Power ON after Auto Power OFF using just the shutter button - that's sounds reasonable.

GX100/GRD: Better, more granular, battery reporting. - more precise batery status would be really welcome. This is something I really love on Sony cameras.

GX100/GRD: Interval shooting start from 1 or 2 secs - Manual continuous shooting allows to take 1.6 frames/secs so why not to allow Interval shooting from 1-2 secs? Starting it from 5 secs is too limiting.

--- not doable/useless requests

Someone asked for RAW buffer utilizing the internal memory - The internal memory is way too slow to be usable as an RAW buffer, see the list of blinks required for storing RAW file. It's currently the slowest memory in our test

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