10-22mm is consistently dark

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Re: 10-22mm is consistently dark

Well, in a controlled environment (indoors), comparing two (2) examples of the 10-22 vs. a 16-35L at the same focal length, the 10-22's both consistently meter 2/3 stop underexposed on a 20D. If the EV is upped +0.67 for the 10-22s, the actual exposure parameters are closer to the 16-35L.

I tested both vs. the 16-35L in either of the three metering modes and the results were the same--10-22 is 2/3 stop underexposed vs. 16-35 indoors.

Outside, the difference is about 1/3 stop underexposed.

The corners are darker in pictures from the 10-22 even in manual mode at the same focal length as the 16-35L.

I've decided to keep the sharper of the two 10-22s and simply shoot it +1/3 to 2/3 stops. Despite this underexposed propensity and the fact that my 16-35L is sharper, I'm becoming addicted to the ultra wide 10-16mm range (on a 1.6x body).

I guess I could upgrade to a 5D, but that's a pretty expensive proposition.

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