First iMac calibration impressions...

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Re: First iMac calibration impressions...

Well, that may be a little bit strong... it is not really like people using other devices are always getting 100% spot-on prints from their local supermarket (while some say so, usually the same people that state to get spotless A2 enlargements from a 4 MP camera)... requirements and expectations differ.

For professional work I would not consider the new iMac (the glossy display will get me nothing but trouble with employees and unions and increase imaginary sickness and lawsuits - no thanks). Within limitations (or using a second display) it is certainly usable for photo editing and calibration is possible to a certain degree. It is just unfortunate that they degraded (the display part of) the machine that much - the old model was almost perfect, SWOP certified and good for almost anything at any location - with the new model you have to find workarounds and plan carefully where you want to position it.

From a business perspective it does not make much sense though - if I consider an average tax write-off over 36 months a Mac Pro (maybe downgraded to the 2.0 GHz configuration) plus 23" Cinema Display are not that much more expensive and in remote projects people can do minor maintenance (like changing hard disks) without taking the entire thing apart. For administrative positions a Mini with a 20" display is also highly sufficient - unfortunately more noisy. I think the iMac used to be attractive because it provided very high quality and aesthetics for a good price - for my requirements, this is no longer the case; but as I said: for most consumers and some prosumers it will still be an attractive package (if they like the glare or use it in locations where it is not an issue) - it has plenty performance and it comes with the best OS and fine software.

I used to recommend the iMac to anyone blindly (unless they had special performance requirements) - I will not risk to do that anymore. I will rather tell people to look at it personally.


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