Dynamic Range Examples: Nikon D2Hs, Nikon D200, Fuji S5 Pro

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Re: CC40m

OK.... custom WB first then add the CC40m? Or a custom WB with the
CC40m on the camera? Wouldn't that negate some of its effect?

CC40m then custom white balance (I just stay with UniWB).

once again, leaving UniWB out of equation for now, lets see how CC40m works.

it attenuates green 1.6 times, having nearly no effect on reds and blues (given CC40m is from Lee or Schneider they call it CC40p for "purple" ; other brands I have not tested.

D2X(s) when you set white balance to about daylight amplifies red and blue channels approximately 1.6 times. more here

so what happens when you use CC40m for daylight and flash with D2X(s) is that (nearly) no white balance adjustments are needed.

what we achieve here is that CC40m under the above conditions essentially negates the need in using white balance multiplication.

to put it in a different way, when you shoot at ISO 100 in daylight your green channels are in fact IDSO 100 - while red and blue channels are amplified so that they are effectively behave as ISO 160.

keeping ISO at base for all four channels means extending dynamic range - now you can expose all four channels closer to the right. result is less highlight discoloration and less color noise in shadows, as well as more details and texture in both highlights and shadows.

So how many stops of range can you optimally coax
out of the D2x with ACR?

individual tolerance for noise differs. ACR provides results good enough for me for the scenes with 6 1/3 stops DR (D2X, ISO 100)

What is you procedure for this test to
establish tonal range capabilities?

spot-meter, bright daylight, Gretag's color checker on thge grass, barn door opened, shooting a landscape and trying to get some details inside the barn - that is how I set it up last time.

I presume that RawMagick is good for maybe 2/3 stop more???

no less then 1/2 eV in highlights; no less then 1 eV in shadows.

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