Nikon 80-400 v Nikon 200-400

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Re: Nikon 80-400 v Nikon 200-400

Clarko, here's a 200-400 shot from last night. I took it after hiking about three miles through the bush. I has lost the light, but decided to snap a few knowing how well the vr works on this lens. I shot it off a mono pod while I was breathing hard from the bush wacking. . . I never would have been able to capture this image with the 80-400, period. . .

I'm not a photoshop guy so I did not jack it all up, it's got a little levels and some contrast, but I did not jack it up with saturation or colors. . .

Nikon 200-400 afs
1/250 sec.
iso 400
VR on

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