Nikkor 200-400mm f/4 vs 400mm f/2.8

Started Aug 9, 2007 | Discussions thread
Finalshot Contributing Member • Posts: 759
400mm f/2.8

Sounds to me like you'll be better off with the 400 2.8 AFS. Keep in mind that it's a huge lens and WILL require top of the line support. I would also consider the true use of TC's. They work great, but they are not as fast and fancy to use as one would desire. I own a couple but seldom use them because of the extra time and technique needed when adding a tc to a long lens > 400mm. If you dont plan to change the TC's a lot, they work fine, it's when you think youre going to be switching them back and forth all the time that I think you'll get into issues.

I think it all comes down to whether you really NEED the zoom. For me, that's the clincher, if you really need zoom because of the action movement and your lack of mobility, buy the 200-400. That said, you wont like it indoors, even at f4 it's too slow for indoor use.

Sounds like you need the 400 2.8, but make sure you have the proper support, if you dont, plan to spend another grand on new legs and a head, maybe a gimbel, like and king cobra or a wimberley. . . The 400 2.8 is a monster of a lens and very heavy and cumbersome to use.

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