Nikon 80-400 v Nikon 200-400

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"Many cannot tell the difference between the 2 lens shot at the same subject..."

At this point, I'd say if you cant tell the difference, you dont need to spend the money. . .

If you shoot at optimum for the 80-400, lets say f8 or f11 at 300mm 1/500 of s sec. you likely wont tell the difference, all other things being equal. take the 80-400 out at dawn or dusk and try to capture wild bears, moose, elk, sheep, deer, and antelope and you wont even come home with salable image. . . One stop more light, improved VR (shoot if from a tripod), the weight and bulk help make it much more stable, especially in the wind and that weak foot on the 80-400 will send vibrations through your teeth, faster focus - much faster auto focus in LOW or less than ideal light, memory recall, and independent focus buttons help make the price difference worth every penny. . . . .

as per posting images, this IS the internet right? it's completely a non issue for me, I dont put much faith into IQ of images posted on the http://www . At the end of the day, my published images look a heck of lot better shot with the 200-400 than they did with the 80-400 and today I come home with a whole lot more keepers!!!!

You decide, if youre making money off your images and CAN justify the cost of the lens, by all means buy one. the 80-400 is a very capable lens under ideal conditions, but it wont touch the 200-400 at those times when you are able to capture images at extreme ends of the available light - which also are, for me, the images that turn out to be the best. . .

Anyhow, I dont think anyone can post an image on here that would make your mind up for you, but for someone to disspell the words of working pros that the 200-400 is not really worth the money seems a little extreme to me. In other words youd believe a couple of PS'd images over their word? It is the internet and you never really know who's talking to you do you?

I'd say go to sports shooter or nikonians or maybe ask moose peterson if the 200-400 is worth the money - maybe you trust his work ay?

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