5D getting confused on hot weather ???

Started Aug 7, 2007 | Discussions thread
denisb Contributing Member • Posts: 993
Not normal

I travel in july 2006 with my 5d in Arizona, Utah and other place like his where temp was over 46°C with my 5d all the day in this temp or from the 20°C of the Car to the 47°C of the outside..... It was also very dry.. and I don't have any problem.

I alway using Tv or Av (sometime P when My girlfriend use it

Anyway, I suggest to double check every setting, or ask Canon to repair it outside of they conditionned office

-Denis Bergeron

kristian1 wrote:

right now i am in israel , south , here temp. are realy high
something like 45 c.
sometimes even more.

on sunny day 5d just got confused atomatic modes stoped working
(example on av mode camera would pick shutter speed alwais 1/8000 no
mether what aperture i choose)
flashes couldnt comunicate , but all workd in M mode.

there was realy hot i was shooting about 20 min. and just couldnt do
it more than that..

is this normal ? temp. was high but 350d worked on those temp..

thanks for sugestions

al best

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