Nikon 80-400 v Nikon 200-400

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80-400vr & 200-400vr are about 3 years apart....

The 80-400vr was released in mid 2001. The 200-400vr was announced in the fall of 2003.

Aside from technology - the original question was looking for images, situations, and real world examples from those who've used both that can justify the $3500 difference...

This is not the first post nor will it be the last for folks wondering between the 2 and if the extra costs are worth it. Many cannot tell the difference between the 2 lens shot at the same subject... so why pay the extra costs? let's see some samples? is it really worth it? what are the alternatives? I also wondered at one point and ended up with the 200-400vr for many reasons listed above....

Good questions.... good post.....

Pradipta Dutta wrote:

clarko wrote:

How do you think they compare? Any examples of
comparisons ?

What would you expect for a $1400 older design lens to compare
against a $5K newer design lens?

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