Brilliant Survey from Canon USA Consumer Imaging Group

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Brilliant Survey from Canon USA Consumer Imaging Group

Received an email from Canon asking whether I'd take part in a survey.

Here are some of the questions, and "flow of though" (or lack thereof) on Canon's part:

1. Which Canon EOS Digital Single Reflex(s) (DSLR(s)) do you own? (check all that apply)

1a. EOS-1D Mark IIN
1b. EOS-1Ds Mark II
1c. EOS 5D
1d. EOS 30D
1e. EOS Rebel XTi
1f. EOS Rebel XT
1g. Other

So I select other, and enter EOS 20D under question number "2g" (!) and check where it says "I purchased it." as opposed to "I received it as a gift".

3. Is this your first DSLR?


4. If you currently own more than one Canon EOS DSLR, which was your most recent acquisition or if you only own one, please select your camera.

EOS-1Ds Mark II
EOS Rebel XTi
EOS Rebel XT

Aha! No "other" category here. I own only one Canon DSLR (20D) but cannot select any of the options. Clicking on "NEXT" I am told to please answer question number 4, which of course I can't!

Now, well, I would like to see the rest of the survey, so even though in question 2g I told the truth about owning a 20D, I now select EOS 30D just to get past question 4 and on to next series, which happen to be questions 10-13 about point and shoot cameras which I will skip here. I will skip the other ones too, about whether I have/have had any film SLRs.

Now we get to Canon's future plans!

19. What will be the most important factors in your decision to purchase your next DSLR camera? (pick up to 3 choices)

Higher resolution (# of megapixels)
Improved Autofocus system
Faster frames per second / shooting time
Compatibility with current DSLR lenses / accessories
Larger rear LCD
Availability of "live view" mode
Smaller and lighter weight camera body
More rugged / durable camera body
Integrated image sensor dust removal / cleaning system

Notice the absence of "low light performance", or "low noise at high ISO". So I write this down under "Other" and finisih up the survey which then asks which lenses do I own.

If Canon is reading this, can you please make sure your surveys are at least tested ONCE before they go live!? And can you please read this forum more often to notice that most people are tired of the megapixel game and just want better quality photos?

I should also mention that the survey link (URL) was not unique - I could go back a dozen times and fill out and submit the survey a dozen times!

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