Canon this, Canon that everywhere.

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Re: A little poem...

Canon this and Canon that.
Canon G2 with a crack.
No! No Good! Must send it back!
Customers feel out of whack.

Canon here and Canon there.
SLRs cause much despair
You bought a D60 where?
Pulling out each other's hair.

Canon One, Canon Two
This is madness, I will sue!
You'll sue me and I'll sue you
and we'll sue Hiro K. Matsu !

Sigma Zoom? That is a crime!
You can't be sharp if it's not prime!
Except for me, and I'll do well
I'll use my zoom, for it's an "L".

Alas, what's that? The day is done?
The sun's gone down and dark has come?
To take a shot, the point is moot
unless I photograph a Xoot.

So sleep I will and rest the night
and when I wake upon daylight
I'll leave the forum for a while
And photograph to make me smile.

[Apologies to Dr. Seuss (and Hiro K. Matsu if you do indeed exist). No Xoots were harmed in the making of this poem.]


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