is the 200 F2.0 like having 2 lenses?

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Re: How about the 200-400...?

I re-read your post and maybe you should entertain the idea of the 200-400 to get the reach when shooting the surf et al...

I was in your predicament a while ago and found that the need for the 200f2 comes down to lighting - not the reach for me. To get the reach with the most options - I think the 200-400 may fair better? Here are some samples of the 300vr f2.8 at 4.0 vs. 200-400vr f4 - all 100% crop:

300vr lens f4.0

200-400vr lens f4.0 at 200mm

200-400mm f4.0 at 300mm

Here's a size comparison against similar lenses without the lens hood:
From left to right - 18-200vr, 70-200vr, 200vr, 300vr, 200-400vr

All sample photos can be viewed side by side here - including the 200vr + 1.4x images:

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