Canon S3 vs S5 - Help!!

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Re: Canon S3 vs S5 - Help!!

lmavolio wrote:

Hi All - I am leaving for a safari in 3 weeks and I just decided to
scrap my D-SLR idea and go with a Canon S3 or S5 instead. I don't
want to lug around a ton of camera equipment and I have never used a
D-SLR before. Some have said, now is not the time since I will be
leaving shortly...

So, I am going with the Canon and am not sure if I should go with the
S3 or S5. Any thoughts?

I have heard from some people who recommend that the S5 is not worth
the extra $$ (seems like a $175 difference where I am from).

The S3 is a 6MP, seems to get good ratings, 12X zoom.

I just picked up an S3 to take on vacation but I don't plan to spend a lot of time taking pictures and I didn't want to drag the 10D and lenses along. If I was buying an "only" camera I probably would have gone with the S5, although the firmware hack to use RAW mode on the S3 was a big plus.

The S5 is an 8MP, has a hot shoe (not sure I will use this), and a
nicer LCD screen although this doesn't affect the actual picture.

I am MOST concerned about picture quality. Is one of these cameras
better than the other in terms of picture quality? Also, shutter
speed will be important since this is a safari (moving animals,
etc.). I realize in many cases a D-SLR will be superior in most
areas, but I have ruled that out.

My impression is that the S3 has a bit less noise while the S5 has the additional 2MP and a bit more of an issue with purple fringing. Its close but I'd probably spring for the S5. The extra cost is probably small relative to the rest of the trip.

Thanks everyone! Your feedback would be MUCH appreciated...

P.S. Do I need a lens filter? Also, would you recommend a tele-lens

I'd grab an adapter from Lensmate, a UV filter to protect the lens, a polarizing filter just in case, and maybe an IR filter just for yucks - I think hot savannah would be neat in IR

I don't know what your budget looks like but I'd probably grab the teleconverter as well. Again the money for the Canon TC is probably small relative to the rest of the trip.

Don't forget a good charger with appropriate plug adapters.

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