New Alpha camera release date: September 6th

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Re: New Alpha camera release date: September 6th

tweedle wrote:

nemofin wrote:

Nobody has said that, it is the release date. It could be at the end
of august..

True. It could very well be before. David Kilpatrick said 'late
August' already a while back.

Late August is now pretty busy - Pentax European press conference, 23rd; Canon Autumn Collection launch London, 21st; Nikon London launch, 24th. All announced, press contacted, RSVPs done etc.

Nothing so far from Sony and I have emailed to ask if I need to be careful with a rapidly filling diary - no response yet.

If they have a DEALER conference on Sept 6/7, this usually happens two to three days after the press launch, so Sept 4th seems a likely possible press launch date. The normal pattern is: Monday - Japanese arrive, cameras arrive, rehearsal for press day, briefings; Tuesday - press day; Wednesday - postmortem on press day, briefing for dealer launch, cameras distributed; Thursday and Friday - first dealer meetings, cameras in hand, by staff who have already attended the briefings and the press launch. That's a typical week schedule not just for Sony but many companies. They time it so that a Japanese delegation can come over for a week or maybe two (service staff will get separate training or briefing).

So Sept 6/7 as a Thurs/Fri dealer briefing fits perfectly with my experience of Sony planning.


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