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Rescued Baby Osprey in Montana

Every summer I go to Flathead Lake in Montana. Our neighbor there has an Osprey nest right next to her house on the lake. Just before we left CA for our annual visit, we got a call that a freak storm (70 hr per mi winds and hail) had knocked down the nest. My neighbor rescued one baby and brought it in the house in a towel. Wildlife resuce folks told her to put it out so the parents could see it and, they hoped, feed it. She put it in a box with some nesting materials and a small dog kennel so it could get some shade and placed it on the roof of her boat shed. It worked!!!! I am in Osprey photo heaven! Here are some shots from the last few days--but first the baby just after being rescued (taken by my neighbor):

And here is a shot of the so-called nest. Mom and Dad have been busy trying to make it more nest-like by covering it with sticks. The baby has grown quite a bit since that picutre on the 18th of July, but it likes to hunker down--taken Friday:

Mom bringing a fish (they eat and get rid of the head first)--not pleased by my presence . . .

Dad standing watch--always--except when fishing or joining Mom on the nest:

Baby this morning--hungry, I believe

A series of Mom bringing nesting material and then flying off with it

They are getting used to my presence as I sit there almost motionless for 2-3 hours every morning and evening, but if looks could kill . . .

Oh, and there are other birds here (but I have my priorities)

All taken with Canon XTi, 100-400 IS lens, often through a lot of smoke (forest fires near Glacier Park keep a heavy layer of smoke over the lake. Nothing can prevent me from being extremely elated, however.

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