Artistically photographing a headstone ??

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Re: Artistically photographing a headstone ??

My condolences, Your healing process will take longer than you may think but it will come and after sometime you will only remember the good times and the end life ilness will be a more distant memory.

Mmudder has the answer if it is just you and your father surviiving your reflections could be in the headstone done in camera. I would put the camera in a place where it is not visible in the image. The photographer or his equipment is never sposed to be seen! The stone is a mirror so you can bring black cloth to cover the tripod etc. You may have to cut a whole in the cloth for the lens. It might be easier for you and your dad to do a composite in PS. Your mothers image could be used in a transparent veiled way to signify her continued presence in your and your fathers life. You might need some one else using the camera to line it all up. To get the stone and your reflections sharp will require lots of depth of field meaning small F stops and maybe flash. If you want the sunset you might need to bring the light up to illuminate the stone.

Shortly after I lost my father I was drinking water from a stainless steel polished drinking fountain. I saw his image which was actually me reflected. I was so startled but later I realized that life goes on and I was made in his image.

Trying to help and hope that I have. Dennis

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