Artistically photographing a headstone ??

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OT for Val Re: Artistically photographing a headstone ??


I just found this & I'm so sorry. I knew your mother was ill.....

My heart is with you, your father & the rest of the immediate family. This will be a long & hard adjustment for all of you. I lost my little brother 22 years ago & I still miss him & think of him every day.

Talk about her a lot. Share with your son & pay a lot of attention to your father. This year will be the hardest on him. Go & talk to her horses. They will guide you as well.

I don't know how to help you with this shot. It' very personal. But I know this....

Go to her grave & spend the day with her there. Watch the sun. Talk to her. It will come to you. This is not going to be easy. So spend the time with her & she will guide you in this. Believe in yourself & it will all just "happen".

Again, I so sorry for the loss. You will all be in my thoughts. No words are right on this. So just know I'm thinking of you all & send me an e-mail if you feel the need. I will be pleased to try to support in any way I can.


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