Faster Batch Film Scanning

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Faster Batch Film Scanning

We've been dreaming of scanning most of our 35mm and 2 1/4. I've borrowed a friend's Nikon Coolscan IV ED. The software had major issues on a Mac and I had to use Parallels. The software still had issues/bugs under windows, even on my real PC. My Mac with Parallels and 3 MB RAM was much faster than the 2 PCs I have. It took me a good part of the evening to scan a roll of 48 35mm.

I originally was considering purchasing a Epson 4490, but since it scans only 1 strip, it won't be fast enough. Then I've added the Epson 4990 and the V700 to my list. I know as I go up the quality improves. I believe if I have really good quality (true) 3200 DPI scan, I'll be content.

If my main consideration is faster work flow, can anyone give me an idea of how much faster it will take to scan 4 strips at a time on these scanners? I do not want to do too much, if any at all adjustments.

For example, with the Coolscan S/W V. 4, I had to:

1. insert film strip and wait for it to do a thumbnail scan, (preview off)
2. select each picture individually
3. Select option to load a crop setting to crop the black border out
4. Select Digital ICE, this is a must.
5. Select Turn On the color correction
6. (3 minutes later) I hit scan
7. Wait a very long time for it do 4 pictures.
8. Eject and repeat from 1, (and pray it doesn't crash)

This takes I guess about under 1/2 hr per strip.

What can I expect if I load up an Epson 4990 / V700? Should I defer this for another few year til there are faster scanners?

Thanks for any recommendations/insights.


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