Digital Concepts PTTL flash and K10D?

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Digital Concepts PTTL flash and *istDS - HELP!

I have the 952AF/Pen but this flash doesn't seem to work correctly with my *istDS. It's too technical for a newbie like me, so likely operator error. I've searched in vain for instructions on using this flash with the camera, so at the risk of sounding really stupid, can you tell me:

1.When mounted on my camera, should my camera flash settings be on auto or manual?

2, Is there a reason that the "auto OK" light never comes on - is there a setting I'm overlooking on either the flash or the camera?

3. I was told on another foum that this flash likely will work with the *istDS only on fully manual mode, not on AV, TV, or any program mode. Is that true?

4. After setting my iso, f/stop, zoom, etc. on my camera, do I also have to set it on the flash to make it work correctly?

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