Artistically photographing a headstone ??

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Thanks for all of the great ideas. The sun sets behind her stone - so I have thought about doing it with the sun setting behind it.

The one idea that REALLY jumped out at me is doing a 'time lapse' type of thing. If it was a day when the sky had great big wonderful puffy clouds - maybe I could do something like that.

Photography and all of my 'fancy' (as mom would say) equipment was a part of my life that I shared with my mom - every shot I take I would think about showing her - I am having such a hard time getting back into it now that she' s not here to show them to. Maybe if I get this done - it will help.

The slideshow was very very hard, but helpful for me to make - Mom had given me the box of pictures a couple of months before she really got sick. I put it off and put it off and finally realized I better get it done or I wouldn't get it done. My 11 year old boy ended up scanning all of the older pics for me. I worked late at night and when mom was napping putting it together. Dad and I sat up late previewing it over a couple of drinks many nights as I worked on it. I ended up basically moving in over there for a month. We showed the slideshow on a big screen at her memorial service and it worked great - I was able to hold it together b/c I put myself in 'tech' mode and could pick it apart as it played - thinking of all of the things I should've done on it...

This has been the hardest thing I have ever faced in my life - mom was my best friend!
Anyway - I know I am WAY off topic here - I appreciate the great ideas!!

Just learning as I go.....

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