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Re: Motion detect suggestions


All really neat ideas to add. Sounds like a lot of work though. I think a lot of those options, like IV, V, VII, VIII, and IX could be handled if there was a uBASIC command to implement motion-detect in scripts. Or if motion-detect could trigger a script to run. All manner of recording options could be user-defined that way. Including even zoom-bracketing events in the hopes one of the frames might capture close-up detail. Start motion-detect at wide-angle, then when it reaches the center of the FOV, start zooming in. Then back out. It would be interesting if trigger-zone areas could be used to trigger the zoom level. That would be interesting in scripts. This would almost be like having a panning feature.

I like options II and III, so you could use it like a remote-trigger with visual feedback to make sure its working. If you flashed a small laser light, bright-white LED, or something from the edge of the FOV it would be like having a long cable-release. Crop out the light-flash later. This is where the selective detection area would also be handy.

So many possibilities with a good motion-detect feature. Unattended wildlife surveillance comes to mind first and foremost. Just set the camera up along a wildlife trail or next to your bird-feeder and check back later. Getting a high-quality camera that can do that unattended is almost impossible. The best you can get are the lower resolution hunter's game and trail-cameras with very limited functions, many times costing more than a Powershot camera itself. Heck, a few years back I would have loved one just to find out which of 7 dogs was taking a dump in the kitchen every night!

Keeping my fingers crossed that some or all of these things become possible....

Who would have thought just a year ago that these P&S cameras would have the most useful and adaptable functions of all cameras on the planet. I'm so glad I switched to Canon this year. I would insert a wav file of a huge round of applause for all those that make CHDK possible. You people are turning the digital camera world into something fantastic! THANK-YOU! There should be international awards given out for the most innovative and useful 3rd-party adaptations (hacks). I'd vote for CHDK 10 times over.

If camera makers would only pay attention to the end users' needs as much as those who are working on CHDK pay attention to what we all need, then they might actually come up with a camera we would all buy. There's a very valuable lesson in this for them, whether they learn from it or not.

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