Artistically photographing a headstone ??

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Hi Val,

I’ve done all this concerning my Brother, I also take a grave shot every week for a website I set up as a remembrance (nearly two years now).
I have made several DVD slideshows, these varied in length up to 40mins.

It’s very difficult to come up with new angles of the headstone, the only advice I can give is to take several lenses and call at different time of the day, it amazing how these can vary, also arranging flowers around the headstone can add to the shot.

I also used the shots in my slideshows, I used Blufftitler on some of the shots and added various effects including misty angles sitting beside the grave, on another I took a frontal shot of the headstone zoomed in using my slide show software, when the headstone filled the screen it merged with a photoshoped version (marble removed to solid black) and inserted a photo of him into the black behind the letters (gold).

This has helped me come to terms with my loss, especially as he was very keen on DVD/Photoshop editing himself, I hope producing yours also helps you.

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