Artistically photographing a headstone ??

Started Aug 3, 2007 | Discussions thread
MMuddler Veteran Member • Posts: 4,527
My son and I had an idea ....

When he was in Washington on his middle school trip to DC, he photographed some shiny black granite memorial tablets with inscriptions not unlike what you'd see on a headstone.... and there is one shot where he captured his own reflection in the granite.

Now perhaps you and your dad could position yourselves so that your images are placed strategically on the headstone. Camera could be on a very low tripod shooting slightly upward. Pick your focal length to get your images properly sized in the headstone. If you have a beautiful setting the wide angle would give a nice panoramic view and the images of you and Dad would be subtle yet noticeable in the darkness of the shiny granite.

Good luck. Would love to see your results.

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