6 Mpixel (D70) versus 10 Mpixel (D40x) little test

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6 Mpixel (D70) versus 10 Mpixel (D40x) little test

Hello my Dear Forum Members

Last week I compared my old but trusty D70 to my friend brand new D40x.

I used the same setup on tripod, same blende same shutter-speed set manually of course, same lens, my Nikkor70-300VR at 70mm which is pretty sharp there, actually the sharpest I have. (the WB is not exactly the same but that does not makes a big difference I think)

The reason I tried because sooner or later I would like to upgrade to 10 Mpixel, not D40x but D80 or D200. And these are using the same sensor as far as I know.

I know that there is not much difference concerning resolution between 6Mpixel and 8Mpixel, but I expected quite a bit of difference between 6 and 10. I also know that the D70 has a week AA filter which means that it makes very sharp pictures, but we have to pay it's price with occasional moire.

What I found is that the D70 is MUCH sharper at 100%, and if I upsample the D70 picture to the exact size of the D40x than the difference... well not much. The D40x may shows a little more resolution than the upsampled D70 but it is almost the same.

I was quite surprised, I expected more. It is also possible that the same sensor would work better in a D80 or D200 I don't know, but I doubt it.

Today I had a chance to play with a D2X and much to my surprise with the same lens it also produces quite blurry pictures at least in JPG. It is much better in RAW but pixel per pixel it is still not the as sharp than the D70.

I don't know what to do, maybe I will buy lenses until the new D300 or something will come out.

Does anybody have comparable 10Mpixel pictures, which can compare D40X-D80 and D200???

So here are the pictures, the full picture and a 100% crop at the left corner at the bottom.




D70 upsampled

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