D40 - Vivid setting....anyone using it?

Started Aug 2, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Re: D40 - Vivid setting....anyone using it?

I don't use presets, just put saturation and tone up. Also sRGB IIIa color mode gives better saturation. But lately I've changed my settings completely. Now I've set tone at -2, saturation at - and color mode sRGB Ia. The reason is simple - all those settings much improves dynamic range. Using vivid settings gives You more consumer friendly photos which looks better straight from the camera, bu You lose details in highlights and especially in shadows. My settings allow me to maintain more details but usually photos need PP. I love highly saturated colors, but I don't want to lose much from the photos. I think I've found my way
I know I could use RAW, but for now JPGs are fine with me.

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