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Re: sums up exactly why I will buy it this evening

Gary, I'm sure your IQ standards are very high and I don't mean to try to compare my S5 with a good DSLR setup - that would be foolish. My wife has a Nikon D100 and also started with a Nikon D1 and a bag full of expensive lenses. SHe is into it big-time and has even gotten a couple of contract jobs just from others seeing her work. Obviously the DSLR is what you need when IQ is paramount consideration. But she has been very impressed with my S5 and she's starting to leave her DSLR at home when I take my S5 to the ball games and so forth. If your standard is refernced from a P&S camera, I think you'll find the IQ of the S5 to be excellent for most uses. If your standard is refernced from a DLSR, not only will you not find the S5 to be dissapointing, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised and you'll find its IQ to be pretty damned good, though it can't really compete accross the board with a DSLR. ALso, as you mentioned the video mode is unbelievably good. So good in fact that my Sony Handycam MiniDV camcorder went up on ebay shortly after I started using my S5 for video. I hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think after you get to mess with it for a while. MJ

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