Studio client management software

Started Aug 2, 2007 | Discussions thread
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Studio client management software

Hi Folks,

As we all know this is the REAL dpr Pro Forum .... it thought it best to ask here

What do you folks use as a client database system?

The boss has been looking and she tells me successware seems to have a lot of great features but its not cheap.

I'm sure you could come back at me and say 'but what exactly do you need?' and the honest answer is, I'm not really sure as yet. I guess its one of those things where there might actually be features that you didn't even realise were useful until you started using them.

Our situation is that of a small business, mainly wedding photography at the moment, some commercial location and product stuff, but more and more studio based family portrait work, so having a system that can automatically generate mailshots with special offers, reminders that peoples birthdays or anniversaries etc are due would be great. Stuff to automate the private viewing and ordering might be good as well. We're finding that there is so much work involved now with the shooting and PPing that manually fiddling around with order processing is becoming too time consuming!

But on the other side of the coin, we're not looking at a business with 10 shooters and/or multiple studios. So maybe a simple solution would be best and something like successware is overkill.

Any suggestions, comments, recommendations ...... ?



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