Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Re: Film versus DSLR dynamic range

in both

cases latent images are pretty linear.

Film is MOST CERTAINLY NOT linear. I suggest you check out the
response curves of various B&W films....nothing could appear less
linear. If you have ever processed your own B&W film, you'd already
know this!

do you know what latent image is? if so, why you refer to processed image?

I can routinely overexpose
Tri-X and NPS160 by 4 to 6 stops and easily retain highlights.

you "can" or you "routinely"? "highlights" or "details in highlights"? what film processing you use? how you rate the film speed?

see you drag 6 stops of overexposure in a digital file back into a
useable image.

please define "overexposure" :))

It is just part of the latitude that some film
has over digital capture.

if you can get a usable image from a digital camera underexposing 5 stops, is it latitude?

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