Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Re: Film versus DSLR dynamic range

A film has two processes, namely exposure and development. A
pre-developed film has a potential namely the information stored in
the latent image i.e. the chemical reactions caused by light. Once
developed, the negative (or positive) has a DR which can be measured.
Development does not bring out all of the image in the latent

if film is exposed "incorrectly" as referred to the scene and intention of the photographer latent image does not contain the scene as it should be recorded. "incorrectly" here means not within the limits of latitude. no realistically existing amount of dynamic range can correct this problem. for a night scene that includes sources of light and reflections on water and an old castle a shot on a LF B/W film processed to dynamic range of 11 stops will not save my @ss if I miss the exposure even by 1 stop. such a scene allows no margin for exposure error, and hence no latitude. for a dull scene with the same film and processing I have latitude of about 5 to 6 stops. simply put latitude is process DR minus scene range (in f-stops).

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