My cropping... lol... that sounds kind of funny.

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Re: My cropping... lol... that sounds kind of funny.

JudyTee wrote:

Rollin, Thanks for your response. We have two B&N stores in the
region, both 40-50 miles from where I live. Books can be valuable
sources of information, but as a teacher, I refuse to abdicate my
responsibility to my students in favor of a book, no matter how good
that book might be. Unfortunately, some instructors teach FROM a
book. My students know I am a practicing artist and I believe that
enhances my status and credibility with them. I just wish more people
would show an interest in improving the aesthetic standards of their
photographs. Have a great day!

Judy, while not exactly on topic, I felt I had to respond to your entry.

Oh that more teachers felt that way. I can still recall after many years those teachers that I was lucky to have who felt the same way. Far too many "taught the book".


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