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Re: CB Pro-M questions

Yadaday wrote:

The Custom Brackets Pro-M looks like it could very possibly be the
nicest of several good flip brackets on the market; have you found
anything about it that isn't ideal?

The bracket works "excellent" - very smooth flip because of the roller bearings with a good positive detent at full stop and the finish quality is better than other brackets I have used... Very well engineered for a camera flip bracket...

Psychologically - I still find that the bracket is a bit "flexy" particularly in the main bottom bracket rail that leads from the camera to the side upright BUT it seems to have no adverse effect of the brackets use - just kind of bothers me a bit...

I should mention that my usual set up with this bracket is a D-200 w/ battery grip, fairly heavy sigma 24-70 f2.8 as my standard lens, 1 SB-800 mounted with a SB-29 cord and an additional GN50 flash mounted on the top bar next to the 800 and used in manual mode to bounce directly off the ceiling at 1/4 to 1/2 power... ALL IN ALL a pretty heavy set up - hence the flex ??

Also, how much do you use it handheld vs. on a tripod?

I have never used it on a tripod - only hand held...

It looks like a great design.

Agreed - very nice and looks better in person...


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