40D Spanish spec rumour.

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40D Spanish spec rumour.

Saw this on Northlight. Who got it from POTN. Who got it from the Spanish lot that also allegedly leaked specs of 400D and 1DIII. Reliable enough for you?! Lol.

Sorry if someone else has posted these exact specs previously.

"26th A Spanish site mentions some 40D specs (from POTN)

"From the same Spanish reliable source (Rafa Irusta Blog site: En busca de la Luz) that did revealed the specs of the 400D and the MkIII before get the official announcement (and match them !!), here are the specs:

No weather sealing
1.6x - 10 MP Self cleaning sensor
3 inch LCD with LiveView
Formats JPG, RAW and sRAW
ISO 100 to 1600 in steps of 1/3
Shooting speed 6.25 fps
Buffer 75 JPG or 17 RAW

Launch date: August 23rd""

They seem to have missed off the "Big PRICE DROP" that would have to accompany a spec-list like that three years after the 20D. At least it's faster and has a bigger buffer. But that was impossible to avoid wasn't it?! After all, the processing/storage has come on 3 years since the 20D!!!

Impressive? I think not. - But you knew that. After all, I'm the guy that keeps suggesting that Canon make ncorporate into the next xxD ridiculous dream technologies (like the 10yo 'real' AF from the Eos 3 with precision to f4 (as well as f2.8) and AF to f8))... Ha ha.

AND WHERE HAS ISO 3200 GONE???!!! Hope it's still there.

NB I deleted irrelevant specs from the above list like 'renewed kit lens' and other BS and rearranged/reemphasised the rest.

If they'd have put in real AF and weather seals I'd be happy for now. Although if the competition do the same and add in-cam IS...

Looking forward to seeing what Nikon/Sony can do in the mid-range this time around. I suspect Canon are about to well and truely lose their lead outside the top end if those specs are correct.

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