Film versus DSLR dynamic range

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Re: No, I am not wrong

So, a mechanized approach to printing a negative (that already has a dynamic range wider than a "standard" paper) is the standard? A wide dynamic range film will allow larger errors in exposure, particularly overexposure. You may see compression due to the films shoulder, but this can usually be remedied via normal techniques available to a printer. This also will depend upon the contrast range of the subject, and the development applied.

These functions are not different. The layperson just has been told that latitude is margin for exposure error, but in the end, any exposure error is going to create a change that ideally would be corrected in development to protect highlight rendering.

So, perhaps saying that hey are the same is confusing, but they are inseparable in that one is symbiotic with the other, latitude is dependent upon the length of the straight line portion of the films h&d curve.

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