Hi ISO noise D2Xs compared to D200 ?

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: Abbey you have done a lot of mistakes!

Thanks for your comments. I was not complaining about the equipment.
I am delighted to have it. I just had another person tell me that I
needed to send the camera in to have it adjusted, but I thought it
was probably me not knowing how to use it. I figured I would ask
some questions of people who know what they are doing before I
contacted the seller.
Do you have any suggestions on a good text for teaching "Dummies"
about digital photography, metering, etc.? I really would like to

Hmmm .... that is an aweful lot of cam for someone new to photography. The learning curve is long ... start with the classic books, for example:

Bryan Peterson's Understanding Exposure
John Shaw's Field Guide to nature Photography

Then read anything else by Peterson and Shaw and try some Jim Zuckerman and Freeman Patterson, some Galen Rowell, and so on.

Read the web sites of Thom Hogan, Ken Rockwell, and Moose Peterson. Also Ron Reznick, and a host of others I can't remember. There is a lot of info out there.

As for your settings ... start with the basic settings suggested by Ken Rockwell for the D200. His D70s page helped me at first and the D200 is similar enough to the D2X to give you some hope of adapting these settings to your cam.

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