Nikon Coolpix P5000?

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I returned mine

I got a Canon G7 last November and am sticking with it.

BUT...I love Nikon and have always used Nikon -- I have a Nikon d200, and after the p5000 came out, I thought I would try it to support Nikon, not Canon.

The Good: nice size, well built, lots of features. Day shots in sunlight are crisp and well focused. Battery life is adequate. Feature set is good. White balance is good. VR works well.

The Bad: aperture and shutter priority are pretty much useless - (see the Ugly below). Scene modes don't always get you the results you want (although you can play with some of the others and get better shots)

The Ugly: SHUTTER LAG!!! This is not a camera for action shots - if you want photos of your squirming kids at Walt Disney World, or your dog running through the backyard, or your son swinging at the ball at his first T-ball game, you are NOT going to get the shot with the p5000 - something my Canon g7 routinely turns out. Try it yourself -- from focus to shutter activation in almost all conditions is 3 seconds.

The noise reduction (not adjustable) in the camera renders anything above ISO 400 as useless. The only way you can use shutter priority is to crank up the ISO - that in essence is negated with the terrible noise.

Aperture mode is pretty much useless -- try your own test - line up three coffee cans two feet apart in a line, and then set the aperture to its lowest value - focus on the back can, then the middle, then the front -- your photos will look identical with no artistic blur at all.

I hate to say it, because I wanted to love this camera, but if I need a light compact dSLR substitute for those places my Nikon D200 won't go (or I don't want it to go) the Nikon P5000 is not the one.

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