Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

Started Jul 15, 2007 | Discussions thread
Julia Borg Veteran Member • Posts: 7,280
Re: Capture NX and UniWB problems (D200)

atigun wrote:

Yes, tests so far indicates that it worked, both at ISO 100-400 and
ISO 800-3200, Noise only depending on exposure. And the reduced
dynamic range with increased ISO was obvious in both cases. (I do not
present samples since anyone can try it). I thought that the latter
would only manifest itself above unity gain of ISO 800 (for D200).

"unity gain" theory seems to ignore some physical effects and raw converter design issues. in practice advantage of using ISO values lower then unity gain depends on camera model, particular camera sample, color temperature, ambient temperature, and raw converter. with converters I use optimum is usually about 2 stops below unity gain.

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