Nikon Coolpix P5000?

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I also owned both the G7 and P5000 - micro review

The G7 is imposssible to hold. Your hands are always touching buttons. It is a little brick but littered with buttons, so at best your hold is a "I'm holding this brick with buttons all over and I'm aware I'm touching buttons which I am not using in order to hold it."

The G7 pictures are great. Lots of redeye however and Canon's little flash (which addresses redeye) won't bounce and will give a yellow skin tone to pictures. You will have to do some fancy EV work to work with the flash.

The P5000, on P mode and with Center Focus it is amazing. On Auto (multi focus) setting it misses focus at times. So place it on center focus and it works great 100%.

Holding the P5000 is a pleasure. It is a firm grip. And it is light.

The P5000 external flash (the Nikon SB-400) bounces to the ceiling, preventing "flash in the eyes effects" and it yields fantastic pictures.

With the built in flash you will get redeye.

I now love the P5000. It is important to take it out of Auto mode and into P mode with Center Focus.

I got the $ 29 X2 tele with $ 30 adaptor. It looks like a little pig with it. So ugly it is cute. The x3 tele is $ 200.

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