Need tips on how to make a TZ3 take good, CLEAR pictures!

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Re: Need tips on how to make a TZ3 take good, CLEAR pictures!

Like someone else said, I suggest you turn the Exposure Compensation down a notch or two when using the flash(see page 38 of the manual).

Other things that might help:

  • On page 37 there is a chart of the flash ranges at the different ISOs. This might explain why some shots are going too high up the ISO range.

  • Try turning the EV up and turning off the flash. Many times this gives a more true-to-life picture than you can get with a flash.

  • One reason people with older cameras get "better" pictures is that they aren't used to the various "modes" available on the new models. I suggest pages 25 ("Adjusting the Focus"), 53 (Metering mode-for brightness issues) and 54(AutoFocus) A little reading and a little experimenting will go a long way.

  • The AF assist light is great - but is limited to 5 feet according to page 56 - although I think it's a little longer than that.

  • If I'm not mistaken, the AF uses contrast differences and tends to use strong vertical lines for focus (and no face detection on this model). I think that may be why the cabinets were more in focus (strong vertical line) than the cat in the pictures posted by the OP. You can change the focus to spot or (as I do) 1-area and force the camera to do what you want instead of the best it can figure out from everything it sees.

  • Try using one of the Scene modes (pages 40 - 45) and see if that solves a particular problem. If so, you can figure out what that mode does (in the chart) and make those adjustments yourself in the future.

I hope that helps (someone).

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