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Re: Easy Questions from Newbie

calder wrote:

1.) Should i buy a lightweight travel tripod?
2.) Should I get him a bag for it?
3.) Should I get a uv filter for the lens? (a photog friend
recommended this)
4.) Should I get any special book on photography that would be
informative but not too laborious?
5.) Will I like the basic Canon software bundled in what I bought, or
should I spring for some software like Adobe?

Most if not all of the questions have had responses but I think multiple opinions from different people are usually helpful, so here are mine (which I hope are helpful).

Yes, do get a UV or clear filter for the lens. Helps to protect it. Well worth the money.

You can try the software that comes with it but my guess is that you will want to move on to something else. For my part, I started with Adobe's Photoshop Album and then moved up to Photoshop Elements and finally to Photoshop itself (and am messing with Lightroom for a production system but have not made up my mind about it yet.) The full blown Photoshop is a major investment. Depending on what you want to do, I think you might find that PS Elements will do fine and it is a LOT cheaper. Also, as you move up in software complexity there is a learning curve that can be very frustrating.

I, personally, would wait on a bag unless you need one for an immediate trip. I say wait so that you can see what all you get to go with the camera that you will want to put in the bag. One thing to keep in mind if you plan to travel is the airline restrictions on carryon bags. I, personally, have no desire to check my camera equipment and have recently concentrated on bags that will meet all airline restrictions but carry what I need. The type of bag will also be influenced by the type of photograhy to be done - general vacation pics, hiking or backpacking, tramping aroung in the city, etc.

I hope this helps,

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