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Some Here Will Disagree --- But, I Have Been Told This Too

gif wrote:

advances in sensor technology will make DSLR's and point and shoot
cameras obsolete. video cameras will do everything you need. if you
want a still image, you would just extract a frame from your video
using post-processing software. iso, shutter speed, focal length,
etc. will all be handled in post-processing. for instance: if you
don't like the depth of field in a photo, you would just move a
slider in your software to change it. if you need to zoom in more,
you would be able to crop the image to an equivalent of 600mm or so
with no appreciable loss in image quality. your camera would never
take a picture that is out of focus.


I recently attended a seminar, and when pressured, some "research-types", pretty much came up with much of what you say, though in different words. And, in-line, somewhat, with what you say above, my opinions are:

1. As the technology and quality of digital video advances, there will be no real need for a DSLR or "point-and-shoot" camera (as we currently know and use them). But, we are more likely to see this type of technology incorporated (phased-in) into our still cameras of the not too distant future ---- as Canon, Nikon, Sony and the others are already the major researchers in these areas.

2. I, and probably most of you, are already using our digital video cameras for this now; but, what we are talking about here is when the technology and quality has reached the level where it will or could easily render the use of a still camera (DSLRs and "point-and-shoots") unnecessary in the first place------ and, this day is more rapidly approaching, believe it or not !!

3. As, this technology will be used in disciplines other than just by "photographers", it will be pretty much up to photographers whether or not they will embrace newer technologies and ways of doing things or whether they will prefer to "remain in the past".

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